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Mat Pilates

Foundations Course

As a means of induction, all new students complete the Mat Pilates Foundations Course, which can be taken in one of two ways:


Group format: these classes run with a maximum of six students and take place over six hour long sessions.


Individual format: this takes place on an individual basis over four sessions.


Successful completion enables you to sign up for our post-Foundations mat classes.


With its rich content, the course meets needs of all ability levels, and proves to be a great way for us to get to know each other from the start.


Course description


This course provides a foundation in mat work; looking at core Pilates principles and basic anatomy, plus teaching you how to perform key fundamental exercises more effectively. You will explore the purpose of each exercise, gaing a stronger understanding of the movement mechanics.


Content covered


  • 15 fundamental mat exercises 

  • a brief history of Pilates

  • breathing and abdominal recruitment

  • the spine and alignment

  • pelvic and shoulder girdle placement


Email us to enrol on this course.


Group courses run at the following times throughout the year - taking place in our space at West Norwood Therapies: 443 Norwood Road, West Norwood, SE27 9DQ.


The individual format runs by arrangement throughout the year, taking place in Matthew's home studio in Gipsy Hill, SE19.

What have previous Foundations students said?


"I found Pilates and the way it was taught inspiring!"


"This was much better than a single taster session as you start to see some benefit and build momentum."


"There was a great balance of theory and practical. High individual attention. Nothing else like it on the market!"


"I am actually understanding Pilates now and feel able to practice independently."


"I really enjoy the theory as it helps me understand where to focus.  The 'why' helped me to correct body alignment."